Lauren Hill Will No Longer Be a Statistic

Lauren Hill was a normal teenager when her life was turned upside down over a year ago. Diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, DIPG, Lauren, at the ripe age of 18, was given the most terrifying news imaginable. She had an inoperable brain stem tumor that would eventually take her life.

You may have seen Lauren’s story on the news or on Facebook, but the reality of her situation can hardly be realized through any of these outlets. Lauren and her family are coping with the most difficult challenge they will ever face in their lives, and while doing this they are selflessly giving up time and energy in an effort to give a name and a face to childhood brain cancer.


Lauren is a leader and provides an example to everyone encountering a challenge. Passionate about basketball, Lauren continued to play even through her radiation and chemo treatments and the growing weakness on the left side of her body. On November 4, 2014 Lauren’s dream came true as she was able to play college basketball for the very first time, even scoring 4 points (left handed!) from the floor; all of this just two months after her doctors had given her only a few months to live. Lauren’s game gained national attention, even being noticed by LeBron James, who coined her as an inspiration. Lauren is absolutely an inspiration, and is even more than that to other victims of childhood cancer. She represents hope for the future.

Lauren has willingly broadcasted her battle to raise awareness of this cancer and to raise money to fund the research for its cure. The Cure Starts Now Foundation was founded by the parent of a child lost to pediatric brain cancer. Lauren has partnered with this foundation in an effort to raise more money than the organization has ever seen. Just last week, Lauren reached her goal of raising $1 million dollars to benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation. She continues to raise money for the foundation by operating the Layup4Lauren challenge.

Every day in the United States, 9 children are diagnosed with brain cancer. Cancer is the number one disease killer of children and 1 child out of 5 diagnosed with cancer dies.

Lauren repeatedly states that she has committed herself to this cause so that she, and other children diagnosed with brain cancer will no longer be a statistic. Lauren Hill is courageous, compassionate, and self-less…she is far more than a statistic.

Donate to help children like Lauren, to help find a cure for this heart-wrenching illness.